Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Been away a while....

Okay, well, it has been slightly more than a while.....but never mind. There is a reason though....insert fanfare here....we moved house!!!!

Actually, it was quite stressful. The entire office had to be packed up, EVERYTHING!!! I had so much crap (still do, you can't just chuck it out due to tax and stuff, IR would have a fit apparently) Anyway, I am slowly trying to get back into the work thing. It is proving more difficult than I thought though. Caiden is around all the time (no creche since we moved!!) and there seems to be so much more to do. The house is bigger, which as far as I can see amounts to even more cleaning. I now do the school run and needs to be suitably attired, all those yummy mummies at the school gate. The children have needed me a bit more, due to feelings of anxiety and such nonsense, and there are so many forms to fill in...it is worse than getting married!!!

Anyway, I have done some work stuff.....you may have noticed the website is down, this is because I'm redoing a lot of the pages all at once (you probably won't even notice a difference but at least I know I did something) I do also have a couple of new designs getting created. I seriously need to work on my advertising, and I think I need to do a few more courses too, as I believe I may need to take out a loan or find some other funding....

Oh yeah, and the tax return deadline is looming.......bleaurgh

Anyway, I have thought about doing some work...and it's the thought that counts!

Seriously though, I should be back to normal within the next fortnight...MAX...and then you will be totally fed up with me again.

I wonder if I could install a sand pit in the corner of the office....then I could work during the day...;)

Until then, I shall leave you with some pictures of the last few things I have managed to finish ;)

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